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Calgary Tennis Club Auction Summer 2013


Tennis Auction 2013 041Tennis Auction 2013 038

Two limited edition prints were sold at the silent auction at the Calgary Tennis Club in July 2013.  They were:  1.  June Rain # XII   2. Autumn Tints # VII.

They both fetched a handsome sum to the benefit of the 2014 Futures Tennis Tournament.  As an avid tennis player, I was privileged to be part of this fund-raising event.  There were over 1500 people at the Tennis Club watching up-and-coming players such as Peter Polanski, Filip Dewelo and players from New Zealand, Austria, Turkey, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and the USA.

The two prints were seen by many art enthusiasts who were present at this most interesting competition at the Calgary Tennis Club.  We will have another auction at the 2014 Futures Tournament and hopefully will have other prints and original pieces to show and put on the auction block.

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