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Young Lao Artists Debut Exhibition


In 2014 Saaifone Fine Art Gellery in Laung Prabang hosted an exhibition supporting young Lao artists.  The exhibition consisted of fine works of oil, watercolour, pencil drawings, photography, and pen & ink.  It was a very impressive display of creativity and talent.  The artists were thrilled to display their works for the general public for the first time.  An added treat to the event was the sale of one of the oils to Lord & Lady Putnam.  All proceeds from the week long event went to the artists.

There was also a debut exhibition of raku pottery.  This is a new direction in art being created in the Ancient Royal City of Luang Prabang with the support of Helena Andreeff and Staffan Laurin, art professors from Sweden.  Clay poetry has been fired in local villages in underground kilns for over 2000 years.  A trek to these ancient pottery sites is an exciting experience that witnesses to flourishing historical and continuous culture of the area.

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