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Thep’s Interview with Chillax TV – in Lao and English


Thép has had the honour to be featured internationally through many esteemed publications, some of which have been included below.   Click on the images below to read  their responses to Thép  and his work.  


Glenbow Museum Logo

“Perplexed by the factors of speed, chaos, and technology that dominate western culture, Thavonsouk seeks….places of contemplation, peace, harmony and beauty in his art.”


Fah Thai Cover

“Never one to follow the crowd, Thép prefers to lead, and has hence created his own style in every sense, blending a fluid, Oriental easiness with sharp Western flair.”

Asian Art News

“Thep’s art is informed by a deep understanding of both Asian and Western history and visual cultures.”


“Emerging from Thép Thavonsouk’s brush, they
are tiny, stylized figures, miniature orange exclamation points dwarfed by clouds, veiled by mist, just a quiet allusion dissolving into the landscape.”

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